Co-creation is the collaborative process of sharing ideas, concepts and solutions with stakeholders (experts, customers and others) to co-construct an innovative added-value product or service allowing the customers to suit their context. The concept of participation is deeply rooted the UAE. Over the past decade, the UAE Government has put all possible efforts in engaging all segments of society in developing and creating services, decisions and policies in the UAE. Moreover, the UAE Government went the extra mile in implementing the co-creation concept for the purpose of co-designing/enhancing its new and existing services.

co-creation co-creation

Programs and services

The service factory supports government entities in developing their services in collaboration with international institutions, through training the entities on service designs tools, and taking into account the customer experience. The service factory consists of a series of workshops, in which customers have been engaged. The Service Factory resulted in several services bundles, such as:

  • services for new-borns
  • Jobs
  • Scholarships for getting education abroad
  • Pensions
  • Getting married
  • Arriving in the UAE to work
  • Running a business
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Justice
  • Environment.

Read about similar efforts which include:

  • Capacity building in government services –it includes training programs to build and improve the capabilities of government employees involved in designing, developing and delivering government services.
  • The UAE Mystery Shopper app– customers of UAE government can rate their services, their performance and the efficiency of their services.
  • UAE Government Services Council –it enhances coordination between government entities to develop services jointly to promote customer happiness.