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Our Mission
Our Mission

Create an inclusive ecosystem that empowers the people to participate and innovate in the formulation of government policies and services

Our Mission
Our Vision

A prosperous future designed together

Sharik The UAE Gateway for change

For a government, smart means being connected to its people anytime, anywhere. It means hearing its customers and the public and engaging them in its policies and services in an interactive environment that enhances the happiness of the community. This is our vision of the concept ‘Government with You’. We have the earnest desire to apply this concept in practicality. Hence, we invite you to participate through all our available channels. We are all ears! Do not hesitate to share your feedback.

Over the last few years, responsive governments have matured and evolved in the ways of improving their services. The trend now is to engage and collaborate with various segments of society to co-create and design public services. The UAE has been proactive in implementing this approach to fulfill its dual purpose of improved services and citizen engagement and happiness.

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